Our Teams

Human Resources Consultants, Inc. utilizes team work in order to adequately provide services to our clients.

Each client who is admitted to the RST or TCORE is assigned to one of the teams listed. On each team there will be one primary person who will coordinate the services you will be receiving although all members of the team are available when necessary. Each team works as part of a multi-disciplinary team consisting of Psychiatrists, Nursing Staff, Clinicians, Service Coordinators, Peer/Family Advocates, Resources Specialists, and Group Facilitators.

All teams provide an array of services to assist clients in achieving individualized goals. Services include, but are not limited to: supports and assistance with daily living, housing, income, education, employment, SSI, Medi-Cal, etc. The teams are available to assist in applying for subsidized housing, such as, Section 8 or Shelter Plus Care.

The teams can also assist with employment or educational goals. The agency collaborates with the Department of Rehabilitation and Crossroads Employment Agency to help develop a plan to further your education and obtain employment. Whether it is to re-enter the workforce, to remain employed, or to pursue educational opportunities at various locations in the community, the teams are here to help you.

All teams provide support in getting people involved in the community. The goal of the teams is to help you reduce isolation and increase socialization. The teams use a variety of community and agency resources to help you increase your knowledge and self-reliance in using your leisure time. If you are looking for monthly activities in the community, all teams can assist.

HRC Organizational Teams:

Community Care Team (CCT)
Launched in July of 2015, the CCT has significantly reduced wait times for new clients by 1) increasing timely access, 2) assisting clients who need extra support to fully benefit from mental health services, and 3) assisting clients in transitioning appropriately through the continuum of mental health services.
Crisis Response Team
Better Life Team (BLT)
Rehabilitation, Recovery, and the Rest Team (RRR)

TCORE Organizational Teams:

Real Opportunities for Change (ROC)
Unique New Opportunities (UNO)
Together Achieving Greatness (TAG)
Change Brings Success (CBS)