Big Day of Giving
We are excited to announce that HRC will be participating in the Sacramento Region Community Foundation’s annual Big Day of Giving on May 3, 2016. This is a day when the community is encouraged to learn about and support many of the not-for-profit agencies in our region. More information will be forthcoming as the date approaches. You can also email us at

Expansion of HRC RST
Starting July 12, 2015 HRC RST has added a new team, the Community Care Team (CCT). Clients referred to HRC will see members of this team to complete the initial assessment, get support services, and find out about resources available in the community. The CCT will continue with the client until the psychiatric assessment with the doctor and then transfer to one of the other teams, BLT or RRR, where they will continue receiving services.

The CCT will also be available to assist clients who are transitioning out of HRC and will be followed by their primary care physician or health plan. The team consists of a Team Leader, Service Coordinators, Peer/Family Provider, and Benefit’s Resource Specialist. The medical staff at HRC will be an important part of this team.

The addition of the new team has been made possible by increased funding, including MHSA revenue, which the County of Sacramento, Division of Behavioral Health, has generously provided to each RST. We thank them for this opportunity.

New Partner
Many of our community members participated in the Walk for Mental Health for a number of years. The Walk has been a partnership of mental health agencies in Sacramento County, Yolo County, and Placer County. Established in 2003, the Walk’s focus has been to foster education and information about mental health issues and reduce the stigma associated with mental health. It also serves as a fundraising opportunity for the agencies involved in the planning of Walk events.

After several years of inaction the Walk has re-formed and started meeting again. The Board is in the planning stages of re-introducing the Walk to the community with different fundraising events. If a mental health agency or person is interested in joining us for planning and participating in these events please contact the Walk for Mental Health Board President, Lester Neblett, at We welcome your participation.