Education and Support

Current schedules and informational flyers are available here and at both front desks. Participation in some groups and classes requires referral; please check with your Service Coordinator.

List of HRC/TCORE classes and support groups
HRC calendar
TCORE calendar

Anger Management (offered by HRC and TCORE*)
Anger Management groups at HRC are offered on Fridays from 2 pm to 3 pm weekly. It is a walk-in group for individuals looking to gain skills and awareness in managing symptoms of anger, and increasing frustration tolerance. The goal of the Anger Management group is to take personal responsibility for thoughts, feelings, and behaviors while creating new strategies to increase quality of life, as well as quality relationships. The treatment model used for this Anger Management group is a combined CBT approach that employs relaxation, communication, and cognitive skills interventions.
Artistic Activities (offered by TCORE)
Artistic Activities is open to all and focuses on self expression through arts and crafts. Explore interpretation and symbolism through art media, including collage, watercolor and acrylics. Projects include poster art, Mandala art, piñatas and creating decorative snack jars for holiday gifts. Group members are encouraged to interact with others to promote social skills.
Bipolar Support (offered by HRC, TCORE clients welcome)
At support group meetings, people share experiences, personal feelings, information, and strategies for living successfully with mood disorders.  The group also welcomes family and friends who want to learn about bipolar disorder. Contact George Galas and Karen Cameron at 916-333-3800 for more information. Love and tolerance of others is our code.
Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) (offered by HRC)
How we FEEL is based on how we THINK. We can learn and practice behaviors and new ways of thinking through coping skills, setting healthy boundaries, problem solving and mindfulness. Develop a toolkit of healthy lifestyle behaviors to recognize risk factors, triggers, and warning signs of relapse.
Coping with Depression (offered by HRC)
The group is open, and there are no requirements for extended attendance; clients are welcome to attend as many sessions as they want. The group's focus is on current events/experiences in clients' lives.  The group tends to be small, so it's often possible to address specific issues for each client.
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
(offered by HRC and TCORE)
Evidence-based Dialectical Behavior Therapy treatment program with weekly homework in four modules: mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotion regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.
Employment Fitness (offered by HRC and TCORE*)
The primary mission of this group is to help and or support individuals without pressure and talk about whatever concerns they may have about employment in a supportive atmosphere. Develop readiness to pursue a vocational goal and say “yes” to employment. This group meets every Monday at 3:00pm.
Keys to a Better Life   (English)   (Russian)
Exclusively for the Russian-speaking population. Offering advocacy, support, education and resources to address acculturation, overcome barriers and build a cross-cultural community.
Men's Forum (Group?)* (offered by TCORE)
Angry? Tired? Feeling hopeless? It’s okay-come join us. Men’s Group is designed to be an open forum for men to discuss, in a safe environment, struggles and challenges that are unique to men. We use discussions and mutual, peer-to-peer support to advise each other on how to deal with life’s challenges, including grief, emotions, relationships, family, financial, and barriers men face in reaching their goals.
Mental Health Court* (offered by TCORE)
Mental health court combines judicial supervision with community mental health treatment and other support services in order to reduce criminal activity and improve the quality of life of participants.
Moving Toward Recovery* (offered by TCORE)
Valuable approaches toward self-improvement. Confidence, respect, assertiveness and self-esteem make it possible to explore educational pursuits, employment and successful living.
Nutrition (offered jointly by HRC and TCORE)
Reinforcing healthier eating choices through understanding nutrition labels, controlling portion sizes, and managing weight through education, support and exercise while learning to shop on a budget. The course includes guest speakers, field trips, healthy snacks, and take-home materials/tools. This is an eight-week course, but drop-ins are welcome; however, to get the full benefit, try attending all eight classes.
Relaxation Techniques (offered by TCORE)
This group meets every Wednesday at 11:00am. The primary mission of this group is to learn and practice basic breathing and relaxation techniques through meditation, gentle yoga, guided imagery, and self compassion and care.
Smoking Cessation (offered by HRC and TCORE)
Are you ready to quit smoking? Then this group is for you. The primary mission of the group is to learn new techniques for putting cigarettes behind you. This group meets every Thursday at 10:00am. Don’t go it alone.
SacPORT Program (offered by HRC)
Sacramento Psychosocial Options for Rehabilitation Training (SacPORT) is an evidence-based training program designed to improve community functioning of clients with a persistent mental illness. In group settings, clients interact with each other, their service coordinator and psychiatrist, as well as others in the community. Basic conversation skills, community re-entry, friendship and intimacy, medication management, recreation for leisure, substance abuse management, symptom management, workplace fundamentals, and involving families in mental health are among the group topics.
Basic Conversation Skills*
Build your communication skills by learning how to start a friendly conversation, keep it going, and end it pleasantly while making friends in the process!
Medication Management*
Learn to manage your own medication and achieve the benefits that come from self-management and responsible use of medication.
Recreation for Leisure*
Find out how to plan and enjoy recreational activities in your leisure time while learning effective, problem-solving techniques.
Substance Abuse Management Module (SAMM)
Throughly weekly sessions, learn to identify triggers that will assist you in avoiding drugs and alcohol, understand and manage symptoms, use medications effectively, develop coping skills, solve inter-personal problems, and enjoy life.
Symptom Management
Become skilled at managing your own symptoms and learn how to reduce the possibility of relapse.
Symptom Management (offered by TCORE)
Become skilled at managing your own symptoms and learn how to reduce the possibility of relapse.
Women's Journey to Healing (offered by HRC and TCORE)
Women’s Journey to Healing Group is an interactive group for women who would like to learn new skills for managing symptoms and challenges related to PTSD and other mental health issues. Clients are welcome to join at any time, but should be referred by her service coordinator.